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David Kennedy
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About Me

I'm Dave, Co-Founder and CTO of Advntur. I live, work, and play, in Southern California. I believe in the Oxford Comma. Despite being a New Englander in spirit, my heart and home is in the West. Deep down, I'm still the same rebellious punk that I was as a teenager, but I've learned to play ball.

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I'm one of two Co-Founders of Advntur. My half of the founding team is the technical side. Advntur is simply the best way for outdoor sporting enthusists to build their own vacation.

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Of all my hobbies, backpacking is the one to which I am the most dedicated. My second entry into adulthood (turning 21) was spent backpacking the Continental Divide in Northwestern Wyoming, and it's been nothing but infatuation since. These days I mostly do excursions to the desert mountains of Southern California. I participate in the annual Anza Borrego Bighorn Sheep Census and encourage others to do so as well.
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Some have urged me to avoid the use of the word "nerd", but I like it. I'm proud to call myself a nerd, but I am not a "tech-enthusiast" ; you won't find me spending money on the latest tech gimmick or wearing a star wars shirt. Professionally, I'm a Software Developer. My education is in Computer Science with an emphasis on Electrical Engineering. My professional experience is largely as a full-stack web developer. My nerdy interests include number theory, graph theory, set theory, ternary logic, cryptography, project management, and a bunch more that I won't bore you with (unless you ask; please ask! I love to converse on these topics).

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My current startup budget doesn't leave much room for fancy Scotches, but I'm crazy for anything Islay. My favorites being Laphroaig and Lagavulin. In my single-malt Scotch-drinking youth (25-28) I enjoyed it neat, but now I prefer just a splash of water to help open up the flavors. Never with ice. These days are more hectic than ever for me, so if you're every vying for some of my time, buying my anything Islay is a great place to start.