Hello World!


Hello World! First Blog Post! If you don't know me, check out my about page. I'm a Software Engineer, and an all-around nerd. This blog is about that - nerdy computer-stuff. If that's not your thing then my feelings won't be hurt. But feel free to bug me about photography, backpacking, or diving!

As 2024 comes roaring in, I've decided that I'd like to try my hand at blogging again. I've tried a few times over the last couple of decades, but was never really able to "stick with it".

One of the keys to successful blogging is posting regularly. The big problem was always that I felt that I didn't have anything new, exciting, novel, or sexy on a regular cadence. When giving a presentation or a lecture or writing a book, you don't want to give your audience something that they already know! I felt that if I didn't have anything nice new to say, then don't say anything at all!

But as I've gotten older wiser, I've come to realize that doesn't matter so much. I used to think that writing about something that had already been written about ad nauseam was pointless, but now I realize that there are some things that bear repeating. There's no harm in in re-iterating tried and true points. In fact, it's quite the contrary! It seems to me that so many other people have the same attitude that writing about "boring" stuff is "not worth it" that we collectively lose some of the "good stuff" from our collective mind-space. I'm not trying to sell books, get views, monetize, etc... So my motivation is to not to be the hot sexy thing! My motivation is to provide good content.

We have new young people entering the field every day. We also have seasoned old wise folks who have been in this field for years, but who have becomes experts in one niche or another and still have interesting things left to learn. There's just too much to learn in one lifetime! We have people all in-between. My aim is to balance the content between being aimed at people who are new "computer-people" just entering the field and well-seasoned experts who may be entering a new domain for the first time. Or, if they are like me, could use a good reminder here and there (I constantly re-read old books and blog posts from years ago.... just as reminders).

The point of this blog is going to be to give back to the community and the industry by providing bite-sized nuggets of easily digestible information. Essentially, be the blog that I wish that I could have read when I was new to the industry as well as be the blog that I wish I read today.

I've decided to write my own bespoke blogging CMS (Content Management System) from scratch, rather than rely on a prebuilt solution. As such, please be patient as I continue to fine-tune the visual style and site features. I'm also not the most experienced writer/author, so I may retroactively update posts with corrections, grammatical improvements, additional information, and such.

Cheers! And thank you for joining me on this journey!
-Dave Kennedy, 2024