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David Kennedy
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About Me

Hi! I'm Dave. To learn more about me professionally, select "Solutions Architect" below - this blurb is just about me as a person. I live, work, and play, in Southern California. Despite being a New Englander in spirit, my heart and home is in the West. Deep down (but not that deep), I'm still the same rebellious punk that I was as a teenager but, as an adult, I've learned to play ball. Read More ►

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Solutions Architect &
Software Engineer

My Digital Resumé: I'm a Principal Software Engineer with over a decade of experience. I've worked at Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized businesses, and startups (including co-founding one). I know what it means to both "move fast and break things", as well as diligently "cross your T's and dot the i's". I started as a full-stack web developer, then moved to focus on back-end, and now specialize in Solutions Architecture, Security, and DevOps. I'm currently working on ways to better mentor junior developers and help groom the next generation. Read More ►

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Cyber Security

As a Solutions Architect & Software Engineer, I specialize in Security. Many security experts are what are called Security Researchers, and they look for new and yet-unknown security vulnerabilities. I specialize in building secure systems. Security Researchers focus on finding vulnerabilities before malicious hackers do; I focus on keeping up with the Security Researchers and incorporating their findings into the development process in order to build systems which have improved security from the start. If your organization has a security audit process, it's a lot easier to get the security right before you go into the security audit. If your organization does not have a security audit process, then getting security right is a whole lot easier than dealing with a security breach. Read More ►

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Between 2013 and 2017, I was one of two Co-Founders of a startup called Advntur, which aimed to be the sharing community for outdoor athletes. My half of the founding team was the technical side. My co-founder was the business and visionary side. It was a relationship reminiscent of Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak. Our mission was to be the best way for outdoor sporting enthusiasts to build their own vacation. Read More ►

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Of all my hobbies, backpacking is the one to which I am the most dedicated. My second entry into adulthood (turning 21) was spent backpacking the Continental Divide in Northwestern Wyoming. It's been nothing but infatuation with backpacking since. These days I mostly do excursions to the deserts & mountains of Southern California. Read More ►
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I have always enjoyed being behind the lens. I started off as a kid making "imaginary movies" with a film-less Super 8 video camera ("imaginary movies", because I never had film...but I "shot" anyway). Later, I shot (and developed) 35mm film in high school with a manual SLR camera. I continued to shoot in manual SLR 35mm for years after. After College I upgraded to a high-end point-and-shoot camera; It wasn't a DSLR, but it had great control over all functions (aperture, shutter, etc...). These days, I shoot mirrorless. Read More ►